When We Ruled by Robin Walker – Part Two

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In part one, I shared our 2016-2017 world history textbook is Robin Walker’s When We Ruled and a little about why I made the decision to use this text. Today, I’d like to share a bit more on why and how we are using his amazing work.

Why We Are Using: Is Black History Slave History?

This photo summarizes how history is taught to African-Americans:


Now, it is bad enough that this is the opening act in U.S. History, but World History? So many questions remain like:

  • What were “slaves” doing in Africa before slavery?
  • If they were in Africa, were they really slaves?
  • If they were not slaves, what were they doing?
  • If Africa had so many people with dark skin in the country, how did they become slaves and why are “white” people there now?
  • When did people with lighter skin come to Africa?
  • If darker skin people…

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3 Facts About The Emancipation Proclamation

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For my school work last week I had to do research on the Emancipation Proclamation. I had never really considered researching the Emancipation Proclamation before, so I learned something new during this research. When most people think of the Civil War they remember a war that was fought over states rights, but is that really true? Did the Emancipation Proclamation get signed on January 1, 1863? Did President Abraham Lincoln really care about the slaves? When I looked up the Emancipation Proclamation I found answers to questions I didn’t even know, and I would like to share them today.

1.  Did Abraham Lincoln care about the slaves?

From my research, I have concluded that Abraham Lincoln didn’t really care about the slaves. According to History.com, Lincoln said in 1861 during his inaugural address that he has, “no purpose, directly or indirectly, to interfere with slavery in the States where it exists.” He said…

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Is Neely Correct – What Does “Entertainment” Really Mean?

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What a week!


The Colin Kaepernick protest sparked all kinds of discussions in my household over the past week and as it should, spilled right on over into our homeschool lessons. Colin’s decision to not stand during the National Anthem, the comments by anonymous NFL owners, and the reaction by the public and the media, had us breaking it down to a few questions:

  • All of this reaction over a football player?
  • All of this reaction for not standing at the Anthem, at a football game, where many so-called fans reverence it so much, they stand with a beer in one hand and wandering minds like a 2-year-old in the adult church service?
  • Was he wrong?
  • Was he right?
  • Was he disrespectful to anyone?

To really summarize the five questions above, perhaps we are really asking if this is even important with all that is going on in the world and…

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The racist face of Brazil’s miscegenation

Black Women Of Brazil


Note from BW of Brazil: The question of racial identity and classification are topics dealt with frequently on this blog. Brazil’s history and reputation has long been constructed upon the idea of miscegenation, the myth of a “racial democracy” and being the largest mixed race country in the world. These ideals have long covered up a the huge socio-economic disparities between Brazilians who consider themselves to be white and those who are non-white.  While there are those who argue make accusations of militants attempting to “racialize” or “Americanize” race in Brazil, the truth is that the preference for European features and the denigration of blackness has existed for centuries in Latin America’s largest country. In today’s post, Jarid Arraes discusses the “racist face” of century’s of miscegenation that has led the majority of persons of visible African ancestry to deny that they are black people. 

by Jarid Arraes

The issue of…

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Exercise Your Flexibility And Stretch For Freedom Part II: Formulating A Trial Run

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IMG_4402a_Paradise Path

In my previous post, I started discussing ways that you can begin to free up some of your life, and begin homeschooling. So today, I’d like to touch on some easy best practices that you could implement if you:

  • are in a situation where your child must remain in school due to your work-life or because the other parent is not in agreement with homeschooling
  • you want to try doing what you can, but are not ready to make the full commitment at this point

Now, the first action I want you to take is to look inwardly.What are your hobbies? The majority of parents are already bringing their kids up in a particular way according to their interests.  Men and sports are a great example of this behavior. Children are taught about the parent’s favorite sport, how to play it, where to play it, who to cheer…

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Why I’m a Racist…


IMG_3037I am a white american male. I’m married to a beautiful blond-haired green-eyed woman and have two amazing blond-haired blue-eyed boys. I was a blond-haired blue-eyed child who grew up in suburban New Jersey in a solid family with a mother, a father, a brother and two dogs. I lived a life marked by opportunity and forgiveness; and while I may not have always had “much”, I have always had the benefit of the doubt. I was raised to treat everyone equally, regardless of race, or any other demographic for that matter. And while my town may have been predominantly white, I certainly didn’t grow up isolated from other races and cultures. But even with the upbringing and exposure I was blessed with, I’m probably still a racist. I don’t mean racist like a hate filled bigot who dehumanizes and devalues the lives of others based on skin color. I…

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Exercise Your Flexibility And Stretch For Freedom

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Placeholder Image

Summer is half way over and perhaps you are still in the investigative phase as you contemplate whether to homeschool or not. In the future, we will discuss the challenges and discussions that often go on between parents, but today, let me ask you to be rather introspective.

Are YOU really ready to homeschool your child?

Is YOUR life set up to teach your child?

Sorry, today, I have no interest in talking about whether you think your kid can handle it or whether your school system will allow you to bring your child home. I want you to sit back and really think about whether you really want to make this commitment.

Exercise is a part of my life and no matter when, where and how much I have worked over the last 20 years, I made time to exercise. That meant training at 4am, 5pm (which is absolutely…

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